Kimberley offers a comprehensive one-day course that covers the nuts, bolts, and business side of setting up and running a micro business. Some of the topics covered include:

Setting Up a Micro Business:

  • Permits, business structures, insurance, FEINs, business bank accounts
  • Organizing your accounts simply & effectively for tax season, mileage diaries, expenses tracking for home-based businesses
  • Creating business identity documents, websites/online presence, social media
  • Equipment/business software

Running a Micro Business:

  • Calculating total cost of ownership, sample cost calculations, and determining prices based on total cost of ownership
  • Selecting sales venues, estimating average number of transaction for a sales venue, and determining maximum event fees for your business
  • Sales metrics to track, analyzing your metrics and adjusting your strategy accordingly, adjusting product and prices based on average number of transactions at recurring events, discount structures for increasing average transaction value
  • Calculating your total cost/benefit analysis of being at concurrent events
  • Hiring help
  • Sales Tax – charging & tracking properly for easy tax returns

A more comprehensive course outline is available upon request.